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A fully completed park ready to go from my previously uploaded scenario 'Earn the astornauts a ride home'. No custom packs needed, all scenery is in the RCT3 complete edition. Fully named rides, shops and products borrowed heavily from sci-fi film & tv. Enjoy!

It's the year 2079 and our intrepid explorers have crashed on the Moonbase of Alpha Centuri! Help create a box-office park so you can save them from their remedial jobs and hitchhike a ride home with some unmet space friends.

Ride list:
IN ALPHA CENTURI ZONE - with Darth Mall shopping arcade and themed outdoor food court and shops
The Kessel Run 7.12 rated coaster
Interstellar 7.79 rated coaster
Astronauts ride home?
Close encounters of the first kind
X-wing training
Lobots legends
Slave I
Force jump training
Cheyenne dropship training
Sith meditation chamber
Ripley's power loader
5d holofilms
Time displacement device
Moonorail passenger transport
Calamari cruise tranpsort
Cloud City Turbolift I, II & III
IN EARTH ZONE - with themed indor food court and shops
Earth safari
Bishop's conduit 2.87 rated coaster
Earth Animal Sightings I, II, III, IV and V
IN CORELLIA CANYON ZONE - with themed indoor food court and shops
Spice mine mania 6.11 rated coaster
Tusken raider run 6.41 rated coaster
Spice mine drop
Spacestern wheel
Bluurg catcher
Gunwell turret
IN DAGOBAH TRAIL ZONE - with themed indoor food court and shops
Kamino Splash pool complex - with slides Red Leader, Red Three, Red Four, Red Five and Jabbas pleasure barge
Swamp Thing 5.42 rated coaster
The Abyss
Rogue one
Speeder bike chase
IN PADAWAN TRAINGING DISTRICT ZONE - with themed indoor food court and shops
Padawans Test 4.39 rated coaster
Jedi council
Galactic senate
Balance training
Tauntaun training
Jedi temple escape training
Dark side cave training
Force spin training
Airspeeder training
Hyperspace jump training

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Date Uploaded Nov 26, 2020




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