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An extended themed and buffed version of Alpine Adventures from RCT2, with a slightly modified chairlift and an additional penguin bobsled coaster, Alpine Adventures 2 is part of my RCT2 Revisited scenario series. The required ride ticket profit goal has been increased by 800%, thus making this scenario a true Expert scenario unlike the original, which I feel is way too easy to even be an Expert scenario in spite of its challenging terrain. The park rating is also harder to increase and maintain. During the creation of this scenario, I had to put an extra chain lift hill piece on the bobsled coaster as I found out the hard way it loses even more speed on brakes when fully loaded with guests.

Goal: To achieve a monthly profit from ride tickets of at least 63,000.

NOTE: You need OpenRCT2 for this scenario as the bobsled coaster has an on-ride photo section, which does not exist for the RCT2 vanilla and RCT Classic versions of the coaster.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Oct 12, 2020