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Alterran is a RCT2 version of an RMC coaster.

Legend has it, it is what remains of the long gone, but not forgotten, Comet.


Excitement: 10.71 (Extreme)
Intensity: 8.55 (Very High)
Nausea: 5.38 (High)

Requires OpenRCT2 to play. (Although, it may work in RCT2 as well).

Comes in saved game form

Thanks for downloading!

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 1.95 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 7, 2016



Terry Inferno

Now this is RCT2 craftsmanship!


Thank you very much, Terry! It took me well over 18 hours (stretched over four days) to make and complete it. After I uploaded it, I still did more work to it. Although, not so much to notice much of a difference.


NIce Coaster! looks like a wodden coaster but its not lol!


Favorite coaster you have done


Thanks everyone!

Skylander Katfish

THAT is an amazing idea. Im sure i'll pull an idea off of it one of these days to make something similiar. but it would be nothing like the original. Nice work blazing!


Thanks! This is an original?....?


Someone made a real RMC Hybrid ride for RCT2. I really want to try it but Im getting an "Access Violation" error