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A ultimate theme park with virtually every type of roller coaster! The file has a realistic looking entrance and parking lot. It has a dive coaster, wing coaster, 300 feet giga coaster, exploration wooden coaster, multi dimension coaster, launched coaster, shuttle looping coasters, many other types and a massive snow themed area! It has log flume, splash boats, river rapids and water coaster. It has gentle boat rides, thrill rides and gentle rides. It has two chairlifts and one train to get over the water and hills of the park!

1. Abstract Dive (Dive coaster into abstract theming and a loop)
2. Atomizer (Stand up roller coaster with 6 inversions)
3. Big Twister (Heartline coaster)
4. Blue Hurricane (Hyper coaster at 200 feet and 81 mph)
5. Cairngorm Bobsleds (Snow themed car coaster)
6. Calamity Mine (Runaway mine train coaster)
7. Cobra (Standard shuttle looping coaster)
8. Crazy Mouse Spinner (Spinning coaster)
9. Crazy Rockets (Rocket coaster)
10. Deep Freeze (Looping coaster)
11. +12 Duelling Dragster (Twin LIM launched coaster 74mph, 4 inversions)
13. Flying Dutchman Gold Mine (Steel wild mouse)
14. Frozen Articulate (Articulate wooden roller coaster in snow area)
15. Giga Coaster (300 feet, 100 mph with air time hills)
16. Hawksnest (Inverted harpin coaster)
17. Mad Mouse (Spinning coaster)
18. Mechanic Twister (Wing coaster with 8 inversions)
19. Mine Mania (Powered mine train)
20. Penguin Bobsleigh (Bobsleigh roller coaster)
21. Phantom Spirt (Lay down coaster)
22. Quantum Thruster (Launched at 59 mph through inversions)
23. Raven Racer (Hyper-twister coaster with twin tracks)
24. Robin Hood (Wooden coaster)
25. Seal sliding (Fun snow themed corkscrew coaster looking likes seals sliding)
26. Slippery Seals (Launched up a chain lift degree hill at 71 mph then through 4 inversions)
27. Steel Cobra (Floorless coaster with 7 inversions and 64 mph)
28. + 29 Steeplechase 1+2 (Horses coaster)
30. + 31 Swinging Cars + Floorless (Twin track swinging roller coaster)
32. Twin Loop (Dangle-feet shuttle coaster with double vertical loops)
33. Ultimate Articulate (Exploration super long wooden roller coaster)
34. Updraft (Flying roller-coaster)
35. Wings of Apollo (400 feet 121 mph air powered launch roller coaster)
36. X (Multi-Dimension roller coaster)

37. Avenging Aviators (Motion Simulator)
38. Covered Alpine Bob Ride
39. Escape Hatch (Drop tower 180 feet, 69 mph)
40. Magic Carpet
41. Mouse Tails (3d cinema)
42. Roto-Drop (200 feet drop tower)
43. Rounded Up (Spinning cage)
44. Space Raiders (3d cinema)
45. Storm Chasers (3d cinema)
46. Thrill Riders (Motion Simulator)
47. Tilted Whirler 1
48. Tilted Whirler 2
49. Whip

50. Dodgems 1
51. Dodgems 2
52. Double Deck Carousel
53. Ghost Train
54. Mini Maze
55. Snow Golf (Mini golf)
56. Vintage Tours (Car ride)

Transport Rides
57. Chairlift (Over lake)
58. Chairlift (Over hill)
59. U Railway (Tunnel in hill)

60. Doubledrop (Splash boats)
61. King Rapids (River Rapids)
62. Splash Mine (Log Flume)
63. Water Coaster

Gentle-Boat rides
64. Bumper Boats
65. Rowing Boats
66. Swans

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Nov 10, 2019
Liked by Terry Inferno