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The park has 10 roller coasters, a water park, a 360,000+ value and no cheats used! It is on year 35 and is detailed to the highest degree available on the RCT 3 game. All rides are themed to match their distinctly themed areas of the park!

Full transit completed with 4 stations around the park. Very fun park to just explore from the eyes of a guest. Enjoy!

Section Parks
File Size 8.54 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 27, 2014




No cs used?
Looks great, especially if no cs was used. No all may agree with me but that's okay.
I like what I see.


Thank you for the kind words :) This was done ONLY with the original RCT3 game, no expansions, no CS.


This looks AMAZING. It is truly a great us of the cs provided and I can not see any limitations to what you can do!


Thanks, I am excited for the next installment, Roller Coaster Tycoon World, to be released this year because we are supposed to be able to visit each others parks.