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This is AntParktica. Yet another super massive custom landscape and scenario featuring the frozen wind swept tundra of the Antarctic. (now before anyone gets upset, I am well aware there are no trees in Antarctica, but I felt like the map was lacking without some trees.) This map also features a giant volcano in the center. The goal for this scenario is to be earning ,000 a month from food, drinks, and merchandise. There is no time limit. I hope you enjoy my map!

Section Scenarios
File Size 16.29 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 18, 2021



Fred 104 4276

For some reason RCTgo doesn't like dollar sign symbols in text. Please input the scenario's actual monthly shop/stall profit requirement here in the comments without the dollar sign symbol.


1000 Currency per month from food, drinks and merchandise is very low. With 20 Currency Umbrellas its done in the first maybe the second rain. For such a low goal its a very big map.