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Hello, this is the very first scenario I'm uploading! It's meant to be set in the Appalachian mountains, but I'm really not that great at terrain in this game so uhm, please use your imagination to fill in the gaps (or actually fill them in and send me screenshots, I'd love that!)

I designed the scenario itself to be meaty and challenging, but not too challenging. I wanted a scenario that would give me some restrictions on cash and terrain without feeling like I'm pulling teeth everytime I want to add a coaster. And I wanted it to be one of those scenarios that takes a couple sessions to complete. This was what I came up with, and I honestly think it's worth a share! I'm very proud of it! It has the feel of one of those large, wealthy parks while having the restrictions of a much smaller scenario.

This is NOT one of those parks where you're going to get away with building on 20% of the land - you're going to have to use a fair amount of this park's land if you want to reach Tycoon status! You'll start with five coasters designed by me, and you'll be confronted with a total of five custom challenges during your playthrough. Between picky VIPs and guests seeking intense experiences, there's plenty to keep you busy in this scenario. I love building new custom coasters for each playthrough of this scenario since the messy terrain is so interesting to build around, but you can get away with pre-built coasters if you like to focus on other aspects of the game. As always, it's up to you how you complete this park (or ruin it for fun). I hope you enjoy it :)

Section Scenarios
File Size 3.03 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 3, 2024