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NOTICE: This is a park file, because it's the only way to keep the scenery items with the coaster, so you have to put it in your "Parks" folder.

HERE’S THE FULL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtxSN_QnFX4

The video show the ride both day and night and includes both the approaching and on-ride videos. Notice how the music is synchronised with the coaster layout.

I don’t know why, despite all my lighting work, using the coaster cam by night everything appears bright white, especially the water.


Here’s the Aqua Smasher, a B&M sitting coaster that literally hits the water!

The track is entirely build on water, even the station and it was the first ride built in the Batt Amusement Park.

The track layout includes a gentle lift-hill, the characteristic B&M pre-drop, a large curve, the main drop, an underwater-level section with the photo spot, that combined with the water jets all around gives the idea to go underwater, two synchronised loops through which then passes the track and a big over-banked curve, even this surrounded by water jets.
Synchronised loop means that in the exact moment a train is looping, another train is going through the loop.
After this, the track continues with a series of bends, inversions and corkscrews, a diagonal loop, a passage under the lift-hill supports and finally returns to the station.

Since the park is open everyday till midnight, the park management puts a maniacal attention in the lighting of all the track, the supports, the station, the scenery items and the surroundings areas, so as to have a beautiful effect at night. By night also the water jets are accompanied by a multicolour laser show.

The theming of the ride are caribbean pirates’ shipwrecks due to large storms. Lots of shipwrecks surround the coaster and, if you notice, also the station is an upturned wooden boat, containing the trains, the queue line and the theming of the final part of the track.

The park is still under construction, as you can see from the construction site in the middle of the forest, and till now it features another rollercoaster and two pirate-themed rides in the “Aqua Smasher” area.

All the pictures below are taken both day and night, and in some of them you can see a section of the station. These pictures are intended to show the interior of the station but the finished building is of course fully covered.



Excitement: 8,42 (Very High)
Intensity: 7,73 (Very High)
Nausea: 3,82 (Medium)

Max. speed: 117,92 km/h
Ride length: 1461,20 m
N. of inversions: 8

All the other stats are in the last screenshot


CS needed:

- ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set
- AzoRctMan -Light Set!!!
- CGI144SharkHead
- COasterJoe’s Trash Bins V 1.1
- CoasterJoesB&M Connectors
- CoasterJoesPathway Extensions v.1
- CPciscosB&M Footers
- DasMatze_McConnerysFastFood
- Moby’s Construction Vehicles
- Moby’s Steel Jungle v1
- Moby’s Steel Jungle v2
- Old Spice’s Pine Trees
- Pumper-SteelWorx
- shy-Rock Set
- Star Roller Coaster Lifthill Set
- Star Roller CoasterLifthill Set B&M
- stationjimjrPirateThings
- stationjimjrRctAdamsShips
- Techno-CE-Brakes
- Techno-CE-BrakesPt2
- VodhinBenchKit1
- VodhinsGenericEntrances
- VodhinsLightingKitv2
- VodhinsStripLights
- WeberAged Footers
- xIWillDestroYouAllx B&M Coaster Addons
- Ynor9 Control Room

Section Tracks
Type Extended B&M sitting coaster
File Size 5.21 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 21, 2016




Would love to get a link for all the stuff you used or at least a packages with them all in one download, can't seem to find some of them, but your ride looks awesome, just can't get it to be like yours if im missing too much stuff, anyways thanks.


Yes for sure!! I've just putted all the CS I've used for my "Aqua Smasher" coaster in one .zip file on my Google Drive, all sorted by type. Here's the link for download: