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Many dive coasters take their dive a step further by diving into an underground tunnel. One such coaster takes it an additional step further, or perhaps even two additional steps, by plunging directly into a natural body of water.

Built on a small island around a creek somewhere in the forests of Argentina, hydroelectric power fuels this insane subaquatic adventure, complete with 21st century vacuum technology to filter all excess water from the underground underwater tunnel. Natural mist sprays riders as they plummet into the tunnel at a top speed of 67 MPH (107 KPH), and again when they exit the tunnel. The ride is far from over at that point, with several swooping drops, a vertical loop, and a few smaller airtime hills to follow. When the water level is at its absolute highest, it gently kisses the lower portions of the track built directly over the stream and creates an additional functioning miniature spritz section, ensuring that no rider ever disembarks dry.

The question on everyone's mind is always, "Is this roller coaster earthquake safe?"
The engineers behind this creation designed a poster addressing this question, reassuring patrons who are worried about its seismic resilience that the iron supports reinforced with concrete and steel beams are enough to survive a nuclear blast, which they also reassure is unlikely to take place in the Argentine wilderness.

Landscape built from scratch in a flat 50x50 park.

See final screenshot for ratings.

Section Tracks
Type Vertical Drop Roller Coaster
File Size 458.7 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2016




Should have one, might as well make amends for that by featuring it on the site right?


Agreed with Chris. You should have won. Luck of the coin flip I guess.

Amazing entry, as always!

Skylander Katfish

Terry, you've done it again! Well done and good luck in the next competition!