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A beefed up and significantly improved version of Great Wall of China from Wacky Worlds, Great Wall of China II is the first of three Asian scenarios in the Wacky Worlds Redux series. It also features the Mythological themeing from Time Twister as a bonus (and of course as a reference to Age of Mythology).

Goal: To have at least 3,200 guests in your park. You must not let the park rating drop below 700 at any time!

The following changes have been made from the original:

1. Money is now present - this now means you can't just place down rides all over the place and wait until you get to the goal. You start with 30,000, a 10,000 loan, and a 90,000 maximum loan with a 9% interest rate. This also means you no longer complete the scenario with over 5 million in company value (that is, unless you take your time and make over 5 million from the rides) - this is due to the original scenario being accidentally coded to set the player's initial cash to 5,010,000 if money is enabled there.

2. Guests now spawn with 75 on average, a 75% initial happiness, and a 25% initial hunger and thirst.

3. You can buy a single tile of land on one side of the map for 90, and you will own all land in the park except for the edges and the three tiles occupied by the park entrance.

4. As money is enabled here, you can charge either for the rides or the entrance.

5. You can now change the land, which makes construction on this scenario's difficult landscape a lot less annoying. However, in exchange for that, the park rating is now harder here - it is 100 lower than normal.

6. You now start with a LOT more ride types, stalls, and scenery groups, including those unlocked through research. This fixes another major flaw of the original scenario, which was really limited with the rides you can build.

7. The required guest count has been quadrupled to 3,200.


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Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2020