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This is an unreleased entry for Deurklink's Ride Creation Contest round 41, which consists of improving a pre-made coaster design. I picked Atomizer.

The theme of this park is just "atom". I came to this theme thanks to the name of the pre-made coaster design plus several ideas related to the theme such as including the atoms themselves, molecules and life-related elements. I also made sure to integrate a famous structure with a similar name to atom, the Atomium, placed in a strategic position in the park. I also integrated additional rides such as a fast-paced race ride, a roto-drop, a twist and a themed dark ride.

As for the coaster improvement, I upscaled the coaster and edited several parts to ensure a better pacing. I rearranged the layout around the small loop and the barrel roll in order to have something more realistic, exciting and fluid. I stretched the coaster around the station area so I have enough space to build a proper station unlike most pre-made coaster designs. Even with all those modifications, I kept the signature Immelman => Corkscrew => Dive Loop to make it true to the original design despite being more unrealistic. I think overall, it makes for a better layout.

This park was made using custom objects, more exactly a colorable version of various base + expansions objects.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Parks
File Size 413.5 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 4, 2022