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After 20 plus years I have created something that I feel would be nice to share with everyone.

It is a winter/Christmas scene that has vehicles, snow boarding and sledding. I was limited by what the creators of all things in this have allowed. Such as timer/invisible track was not available for all rides. However by enabling LOD I was able to make tracks invisible. Go to settings, LOD, select enable and then go down to tracks and slide the blue line all the way left until it is no longer visible. I was also unable to re-color most of the rides (such as the hover board, Pimped Hog and a few others). You will be amazed at how the sleds appear to "Slide" sideways around the turn. And how the Snow board (AKA Hover board) seems to make the jump acrossed the gap.

I have spent hours creating something that I believe is Awesome! Keep in mind that this is my creation. I apologize but this scene requires a ton of mods.

You will need the following:
Moki-Winter time and Christmas stuff (path extras)
Moki-frozen lands (scenery)
Moki-Holiday addons (scenery)
Moki-winter time and Christmas stuff (scenery, fences and trees)
Moki-Holiday addons (trees)
Zebrastreifen (scenery)
RCT2-Revival Crew-Snow and ice theme (walls)
NYR Asphalt roads (walls,roofs and buildings)
Misteris Road set (walls)
Terraforms Bells (walls)
Mrpki's Coaster tunnels (walls)
Vohdin's Gizmos traffic lights (scenery)
Efteling lights (path extras)
Colonial church (Structures)
House little mall (Structures)
House little blue, red, green and yellow (structures)
Alpine church (structures)
GTT Schlittenfahrt (coasters)
stationjimjrssnowroofing (walls)
Vohdin's vermont theme (scenery items)
shigg's 713's path covers -recolorable (trees)
misteris road set 1 (walls)
vohdins light kit (Can't remember where this is)
aceana's pavement essentials (walls)
RRinvisible track (put in tracks/tracked rides)
colonial house 1,2,clock shop, and ice cream shop (structures)
All of these are for the vehicles used in this scene:
pimped hog (coasters)
ghost bus tour (coasters)
JP Jeep ride (coasters)
JP suv ride (coasters)
Coca Cola Weinachts truck (other rides and attractions)

I do hope that this is everything. I did my best to write down things as I did them. If I have missed something, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please take my word that you will not be disappointed downloading this. It has a lot of things to see. Even with the extensive system requirements and the loading time. I, of course, think it is worth it.

One more very important thing is your computer system. I did this on the following system:
Intel Quad Core 3.0 Ghz processor
Nvidia GT 680
16 GB memory
Creative SB Recon 3D PCie

It takes approximately 10 minutes to completely load this sandbox. With all of the mods, it does take a while to load. I can't be sure that you need RCT3,Soaked,And Wild. But this is what I had when I created this scene.

If you do take the time to download and look at my creation, I thank you very much. I expect all kinds of criticism. It is OK. I just would like other peoples opinions of this creation.

Thank you all in advance.

Paul Reeder

BTW I am 65 years old and I know that this is a day late and a dollar short. Sorry I took so long

Section Parks
File Size 13.99 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 12, 2019


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I apologize to everyone of the authors of the creations I have used for not giving you kudos's.
Please forgive me because without your creations and hard work, it would have not been possible for me to create this most wonderful winter scene ! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.