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A challenging wacky worlds scenario of Ayers Rock which is located in Australia Down Under in real life! As I thought of this park for Round Rock Texas as it's mostly now inspired by Enchanted Rock State Park Fredericksburg TX with the scenery all around, I crammed on! This scenario unfortunately took me almost two months to build how I wanted, cause it has land restrictions which I did not want to remove to mess the rock mountain up some as it took me a while to build in and out of! All the coasters are pretty much okay just scrambled in different spaces as my sister helped me on this one a bit while she was borrowing my laptop! The vertical drop coaster posed to a gerstlaurer infinity coaster, has later on crashed when running the park mysteriously and brake failure later on at station which I hate but if I want more than two cars then avoid block brakes sadly! I paused closed the ride remodified a brake track before the vertical loop which does go fast but sadly first ruined the stats of the coaster which arguably took me over ten times rebuilding this vertical gerstlaurer drop coaster! So i upgraded the brake speed which did not affect the ride stats at all is now running all good until a brake failure happens on it! Some of this park bits is inspired by Terra Mitica of Spain around mountain rock, then some Happy Land China Parks as I did built this park in a classic rct style way as I'm happy with always! I did place numerous stalls of same old one another all around cause park was out of the blue big open empty so the park rating will stay at 999 but it's possible that rating can drop down as it did earlier before I restarted the park renewed the rides and cheatily completed the objective heh heh heh! But it's my park said my sister I can do what I want to it!

Fun fact this is one of the three theme parks that is built on top of a mountain rock and around compared to Thunder Rock and Thunder Rocks! Different experiences is all Enjoy!

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Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2023


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Damn, you made my least favorite non-custom color in the entire game (the saddle brown woodie color) look SO good! I'm so excited to explore this one.