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!Baby Interlooper is a compact, (mostly-) Booster Driven, Looper: very fast, excellent throughput, good ticket price = $.

When I first started to explore how to build good coasters, back in Jan-Feb, 2022, I "cut my teeth" with Wooden, Looping, and Corkscrew Coasters; um, lots of failures/screw-ups ensued, as I continued to conceive & implement 'bizarre notions'. I had already designed !Totally Loopy, which was successful beyond all expectations: beyond tire-drives, how else might one obviate the 'expected' necessity of the Lift Hill?

Hence, !Baby Interlooper, which exploits all 3 dimensions: Park Guests are willing to walk up stairs; don't you know ...

Considering only basic "Bang-for-Buck", !Baby Interlooper will inspire no awe but it is an excellent, efficient machine; there exists a lot ground-space under it for Flat Rides, Stalls, Path.

Oh! Haha: I'd designed this before I replayed the RCT Scenario, "Rainbow Valley"; it was effortless to place !Baby Interlooper.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video).

Link to !Baby Interlooper video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 224 bytes
Date Uploaded Sep 14, 2023