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Here is a fun little ride that provides hours of fun for the family and kids!

And you can build it in a big backyard for 5-6 Thousand Dollars it is fun and affordable!

It's top speed is 18 MPH/28 KPH
With a Height of 15 Feet/4 Meters

It's great fun for birthday's, Weddings & New Years!

Enjoy :D

Here is the YouTube Video====> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrEKfhfLkJY

Section Tracks
Type Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster
File Size 24.39 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 31, 2012




If you had this at a wedding it would kinda be a distraction! LOL :)


Well not if you ran it after the wedding lol ;D


How do you convert a ".nltrack" file to a ".trk" file?
I have RCT3P (Platimun), it does not show in-game. Ans as it is not from RCT1 (or 2), can not be converted by the ride importer built-in.
Thank you

OK, now I understand. Sorry!, my bad. Forgot to use the filter to select only RCT3 tracks.


well i don't think you can convert .nltrack to .trk, But maybe if you only convert the "Corkscrew" and the "Classic Looping" in No Limits it would work but other then that i don't know if it will work.


Hey @Gravquian ! Ok you cannot convert ".nltrack" files into a ".trk" file. I have tried this myself and it does not work...But you can convert ".trk" files into ".nltrack" but the only problem is is that when you convert ".trk's" into ".nltrack's" the RCT ride is going to be very rough and is going to have massive G-Loads, so if you do convert make sure you smooth out the ride before testing it ^_^.

Hope this helped if not PM and i will help you more! :)