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You may have heard of another coaster that bore the moniker "Badlands Express" a couple years ago. Well, let's not kid ourselves. One of the common complaints from peeps who rode it was how hideous the scenery around it was. And who can blame them, with all of the turd-brown blocks and walls that lack any features to distract them? Well, the train has now been relocated to a place surrounded by wind-sculpted cliffs, some occasional buildings, and even some occasional foliage (some of which is dead). There may still be plenty of brown, but at least it's balanced out with a few other colors. Feel free to download and enjoy this new variant of an old relic.

(Note: This uses both the expansion packs and custom scenery. I got all of the custom scenery I used in this by browsing around at NE's RCT2 Objects list for about 3 hours. I can post an NCSO version if you want.)

Excitement: 7.99
Intensity: 8.50
Nausea: 5.84

Section Tracks
Type Mine Train Roller Coaster
File Size 17.26 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 3, 2018



Huggy Bear

I went to the nedesigns site, but when I went to the RCT2-objects page all the pictures had an X instead of a real picture. Can you give me any advice? I love your coaster and would like to use it.


The first few pages all have X's on them, but a few pages in you'll start to see real objects. I basically just use the search bar under "RCT2 Objects".

Maybe I should upload a park file of this coaster so it'll put all of the objects into the game when you download it.

EDIT: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/badlands-express-park-file.18267


I really this design! Thanks for going the extra mile by gathering the objects together in a file