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this is the first coaster iv uploaded so plzz let me what u think

(comes with scenery)

Section Tracks
Type Splitting Coaster
File Size 91.41 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 3, 2011




Looking at the pictures, i noticed 2 things, not major and easy to sort out.

1) only a tiny issues. but to make the ride better and more realistic you need to make sure you have the same number of inter-versions for both sides :)

2) your corners need banking, so then it makes the ride much easier for the 'Peeps' :P

part from that it looks cool :D :D Well done!


(dont no how to add brakes plzzz tell)and 1 track is met to be more scary that is y it hasn't got the same amount of in inversions dont worry though peeps rely like it it one of the most popular rids in my park


i had added a improved version