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This is my vision of the third scenario of the Soaked career: The 2500 peeps "Batt's Lost Atlantis Amusement Park"! I've worked at this park for more than a year, taking care of every aspect with pinpoint accuracy. I've taken care of all the passages for the paths, using many underground and undersea routes, and I've set the routes of every staff members. Every bench, bin, photo spot etc... was placed accurately, as every tree, attraction or coster and slides routes. I've chosen the colours for each attraction and I paid attention to integrate perfectly attractions with the ground, changing it as little as possible. I've also built many buildings, like stations for rides or paths and shops covering, being careful to respect the Sci-Fi and Adventure setting of the scenario.

The park has:

- 8 Rollercoasters
- 3 Water slides
- 28 Attractions
- 2 Transport rides

The park is in continuous development :)

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Date Uploaded Jan 17, 2016
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I upgraded the park but do not know how to re-upload it, any of you know? Thanks :)