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Rocky Road is the first installment of the second scenario pack, "Bismuth Bunch."

Kind of a take on Future World & Funtopia combined!

Objective: 1,450 guests by the end of Year 4!


Section Scenarios
File Size 395.42 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2020



[email protected]

Is there any way you can upload the red roller coaster? I downloaded ttrftl02 to get it to work on some parks and it was asking for it again, so the plugin was missing even though I had downloaded it.


Hello, I am new here and I like your scenarios. But all of your new uploads do not load on RCT Classic. It is always the same error with missing object ID: XXBBBR01. Do not know what that means, but hopefully you can fix the problem and I can play your new scenarios, too.

grettings from germany

[email protected]

https://www.nedesigns.com/ This is where i get plugins from. just click rctobjects or something and type the plugin and you should find what you are looking for. It works well for me.