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This definetly requires openrct2 - i had to use zero clearence tool for this to work - this is a backswitch woodie with no custom scenery. you are not downloading a track, you are downloading a map with this track, because of glitches. the map has cusom scnry however but the coaster does not. i only used zc to merge the track over for it to work. when you do save this track, caution, it will save but you will hav to merge the track again. so that's why i gave you a map instead. i hope you'll enjoy!!

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 328.92 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 4, 2016



Skylander Katfish

omg - im so sorry for all the typos - custom scenery*

Terry Inferno

This would probably only run in OpenRCT2, but it's still a fantastic coaster!


I like the idea behind this! Good job!

Skylander Katfish

thanks guys. its called the merging conduct!! ill make more stuff like this in the future!!