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This set contains different custom rollercoaster signs I made just for general use. This only the first version and more signs will be made.

****If you have any rollercoaster sign request leave it below in the comments****

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Section Custom Scenery
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Date Uploaded Oct 19, 2014




Just downloaded this, and I love the Lightning bolt sign, I called one of my wooden coasters the Lightning Bolt, and put the sign near the entrance. Make more signs please, how about snake oriented, like for a looping or corkscrew coaster? Viper comes to mind or Serpent, maybe with a snake head? How about signs for flat rides as well? Great work, Beastie!


Nature's Fury

Track Colors: Light Blue and Dark Green


The 5th Dimension: Insanity



Colors: Lime Green and Black


Big One Sign At Blackpool Pleasure Beach Please! :)


I have two:

Name: Titan
Track Colour: Aqua Green and Cream/White

Second One:

Name: Stink Bomb
Track Colours: Green, Black and White

If you could do any of those above, would love it! Thanks!


These are so good!


Name: Top Thrill Dragster
Track Colors: Red,White and Yellow
I would Love it if u could do it in a black and white stripes Sign
k thanks!

stig coaster

Dark red and grey sign
name: workshop waves
also can you make the sign with dark red and grey waves?
cheers, stigum


Can I have a couple of coaster signs for my duelling Invert? I need one sign that's predominantly blue with a bit of gold, yellow, green and red Egyptian styling called Anubis and a sign that's predominantly gold with a bit of blue, yellow, green and red styling called Ra.

If, however, that is too difficult then may I request two storm themed signs, one called Thunder (pale blue writing on a dark cloud background) and one called Lightning (pale yellow on a dark cloud background). However, I'd like you to have a shot at the Egyptian signs.


the warter Hole


Serial Thriller from Astroworld please