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Behemoth, the giant of the giant. this collossal beast of steel Is so big than even the mythical beast it is inspired from couldn't rivalise with is size. Behemoth is an hybrid between an dive coaster, a wing coaster and a hyper coaster because of the vertical drop and for an insane heigth of 64m. after the first drop, you will climb an hill of 57m high just so you can enter the cobra roll. After that ,a zero g roll of 51m high and a dive loop of about the same height. When falling down the dive loop, the mid-course breakrun. following this, an overbanked turn, another zero g roll, a vertical loop some hill, a vertical loop and a final zero g roll. following this, the final breakrun. With a total of 8 inversions and a insane speed of 122 km/h, Behemoth really stay to his reputation

cs needeed:
-parallax gatekeeper
- all old spice's trees
- Weber canyon craze, foliage set
-shyguy's alpine village 1-6 , rocks, planters 2 and catfish cove
-station's jim junior zeroG'sthings
-Briantjuh94'sPaths Set
-coaster joe pathways extension and b&m connectors
-gary roach b&m catwalks
-Rct3Master54's Coaster Accessories
-coin stations gates 1 and 2
-cpiscos b&m footers and steel chaos
-moby's steel jungle
-ralfvieh's medieval 2 and pt2 + pathcovers
-bigburger's timber 2.0
-parallax fading tunnel
-mgp yossemite
-christian S dive coaster station platforms
-star roller coasters lifthill set b&m
-goliath sign

Section Tracks
Type wing coaster
File Size 66.98 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 23, 2016