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Betri Langskip is a Viking themed roller coaster. The name means Better Warship in the language of the Vikings. CS by BOS, Coaster Joe, CT, Fink, FunDMental, Jimmy G, LG, Lonewolf, Moby, Old-Spice, PLT, Pumper, Ralfvieh, Shy, Station Jim jr., Rct3Mike, Weber, and Yesnt. The coaster's main highlight is the two front flip loops.

pov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWOaqH5tII&t=23s

Required CS sets:
BOS's Polynesian Panic set
Coaster Joe's Alpine Extras set
CT's Ancient set
Fink's Stressed Out West sets
FunDMental's Medieval set
Gadget Goodies for Coaster set
Jimmy G's White Water Rapids sets
LG's Harbour set
LoneWolf's Round Footers set
Moby's Glasshouse and Frameworx set
Moby's Steel Jungle sets
Old-Spice's Misc set
Pumper's Steel Worx set
Ralfvieh's Medieval sets
Ralfvieh's Antik world set
shy's Alpine Village sets
shy's Rock set
Station Jim jr.'s Gardening sets
Station Jim jr.'s Periculum sets
Station Jim jr.'s Vikings sets
Rct3Mike's Vine set
Weber's Large Rocks set
Yesnt's billboard set

Best of luck to this round's entries!

Section Tracks
Type extended steel coaster
File Size 3.18 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 10, 2018