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*NB*: because it uses some Track Boosters, !Biga Giga can *not* be imported into RCT2 Vanilla.

However, !Biga Giga *is* compatible with both RCT Classic and OpenRCT2.

!Biga Giga isn't really all that "Biga" ... but it does possess its own virtues.

The track is only 4 tiles wide, and one could easily place Entrance & Exit within the footprint: !Biga Giga is compact, fast, efficient.

I, perhaps, should have named it, "!Goldilocks Giga": the lift hill reaches the precise height that permits the Cable-Lift to return to the Station just in the nick o' time to grab a freshly-loaded train.

Ratings can be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video).

Link to !Biga Giga Video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster
File Size 399 bytes
Date Uploaded Jun 22, 2023
Liked by Fred 104 4276