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Name: Biggest Disaster of All Time
Category: Expert
Goal: Have 2,300 guests in your park at the end of year 3, with a park rating of at least 600.
Description: "We need your help! We're in serious financial trouble and can't afford to spend any money to fix our park at all. But, if we can increase the park's popularity right now, we might be able to get a loan for a more permanent fix. Can you do it?"

Basically, the idea is that you're in the red over a million, and can only do free actions to fix things at the park. Has harder guest generation.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 10, 2022




A really beautiful park. Still, I don't understand the point of the scenario. Because of the minus area, nothing can be changed - not even a dustbin can be put up and the littering takes its course.


The harder guest generation means that the roller coasters must have a length of 1969ft and excitement of at least 6.0 in order to get guests to spawn, so you have to tweak the existing rides to do that to get the 2,300 guests. As for littering, that's what handymen (and security guards) are for.