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This is my biggest ride so far. I did make one 30 feet longer a few weeks ago. I don’t like short rides. This one is my favorite. It’s a 6000+ long twister coaster that only uses ONE chain lift to get through it all. The game has a setting to put low friction gel on the wheel to make it go farther. I never used it and decided now was the time. Plus, I wanted to make the longest ride possible with one lift hill, but not have it be too tall. It gets a little slow towards the end. I have a few rules that I go by. A few are don’t make them small, tie them in a knot, and flip them upside-down as much as possible with every element the ride has. I might make a taller one and go farther sometime in the future.

(I’m guessing on a few because the game lies sometimes.)
Excitement: 8.66
Intensity: 5.93
Nausea: 3.57
Height: 139.89ft
Speed: 63?
(The game says the max speed is 40MPH, but the speed graph goes right between 50 and 75.)
Length: 6213ft
Inversions: 31!
(The game says there are 15. I rode it and counted 31!)

Section Tracks
Type Twister Coaster
File Size 139.41 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 22, 2016
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