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Blellow is a fast paced splitting coaster. i didnt intend to enter build-it but saw a free space so figured why not

CS needed
- cdn's-scattered rocks and pebbles
- cpcisco b&m footers
-csf steel i beam set
- dutcher's floors and paths
- fisherman-estop
- gary roach prod-b&m goodies
- lg_harbour set
- moby's glasshouse and frameworx
- moby's steel jungle
- moby_curved floors
- moby_curved walls
- n7 big trees
-n7 jungle jumble
- n7 mums
- n7 nymphaea
- n7 ornamental shrubs
- n7 ornamental trees
- old-spice's trees
- pbj beach fence
- shy-alpine village
- shy-planters 2
- station jim jr fence set
- stationjimjr gardening 2
- stationjimjr gardening
- stationjimjr more fencing
- stationjimjr station jim's chapel building ii
- weber aged footers
- weber animated ride event doors
- weber foliage set
- weber stone creations vol.1
- shy-alpine village set 4
- coin~station gates
- t4l-fences and more

there is a POV on the way, i will post it when its ready

Section Tracks
Type Splitting Coaster
File Size 8.15 MB
Date Uploaded May 1, 2016
Liked by Terry Inferno


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Interested concept with the colors