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Blue Dragon is a B&M Inverted Coaster taken to the next level. The ride is unique in that it travels along a single plane, throwing riders through all manner of inversions and twists,

Vital Statistics:
Max Height: 147,6 Ft.
Min Height: 7 Ft.
Max Speed: 90 km/h (56 Mph)
Ride Length: 1,25 Km
Ride Time: 2:10 min.
Max Positive Gs: 4.5
Max Negative Gs: -2
Max Lateral Gs: 1.5
Inversions: 6
Capacity: 1000 riders per hour

Immelman Loop
Zero G. Roll (Sort of)
InLine Twist
A Cobra Roll (2 Inversions)
1 Corkscrew

Section Parks
File Size 8.82 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 27, 2015


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This isn't even a park can you please put your creations in the right spot. Aside from that you did an okay job on the ride