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This is the first park I upload here, but not the first one I made. It's also the second 50 x 50 park I made. I hope you like it! :D

I call this park "Techno Park" because this is the theme of the park, even if I named it Blue Thunder. This one includes 3 roller coasters and several small rides, such as an elevator in the tower at the center of the park. It also contains an airport section and a "Dangerous Zone" section, but also a ton of techno scenery elements like cogwheels, glasswalls, flying cars and motorcycles, robots, skyscrapers and space objects. The blue and grey colors are predominant in this park because they fit very well with the theme.

For this park, I used a lot of custom objects I got from many workbenches like H2H7 (link: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/3302/h2h7-official-workbench/) and many parks, such as FLUXtrance's industrial park Deus ex Machina and Sunset Valley

I checked the option "Export plug-in objects with saved games", so you don't have to download every custom objects to open it, they will be downloaded when you open the park.

This park is built in OpenRCT2, but is compatible with vanilla RCT2. I haven't tried to open it with RCT Classic.

Check the Youtube video of the park here: https://youtu.be/7sq2LyBTTe8

Section Parks
File Size 15.77 MB
Date Uploaded May 29, 2016




Really good! I love it <3


Gosh dang it!!! When does your awesome building skills stop?! NEVER!

This, this is truly beautiful Supra! Bring us more like this!


My mouth just dropped open, this is absolutely amazing


Awesome Work.


Wow. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


leave it to a whiskey station member to blow away the competition (btw i joined yesterday, i have a LOOOOONG way to go to get that good)