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[BodySlide]Body Slide 1 (2) (2)

Place the blueprint in your documents folder, then go to your RCT3 folder. When you are in your RCT3 folder in your Documents folder, place the [BodySlide]Body Slide 1 (2) (2) into the Coasters folder.

To use the blueprint Start the game RCT3 Platinum

Open the Sandbox option to play.
Next, go to rides, then pool slides and rides.
Click on the pool slides and rides option when you are in the game.
You should see a few different types of slides.
Look for Aqua Body Slide. Next to it you should see a folder, click on it.
In that folder you should see [BodySlide]Body Slide 1 (2) (2).

Place the slide anywhere you want in your park. Just make sure you have a pool attached to it (for those who never used it before).

If you have any questions or have any issues with the blueprint please contact me.
Thank you.

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Type [BodySlide]Body Slide 1 (2) (2) (Aqua Water Body Slide)
File Size 476.75 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 20, 2020


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Nice! but it is a bit boring....