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It is well-documented that in a certain alternate dimension, human bones are never buried or cremated. Instead, they get used for making water slides...or should I say, slides that liquids can travel down. Now, don't freak out, that's not blood (blood doesn't pass through bones, even in other dimensions), just bone marrow. So it shouldn't impede your ability to download and enjoy this ride.

(Note: The last screenshot was my original version of the ride, but due to that damn restriction on scenery objects savable at one time, I had to cut the entire top part of the castle for the download. I hope it's still good enough in its download form.)

Excitement: 6.52
Intensity: 7.31
Nausea: 5.39

Section Tracks
Type Dinghy Slide
File Size 17.07 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 16, 2017