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This is so funny. Just ride the coaster i give all the credit to a guy i saw on youtube who did this you can see who can nock the most peeps down. this is a park not a pool my laptop had a spazm and kept meesing up on clicking on things i dont want it to

Section Pools
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Date Uploaded Jul 14, 2011




sorry about the writing on the pic if you know a way to get those off without spending money i would apritiate it thanks


In the game, go to settings (or options) and go to keybord shortcuts to see what your "take a screen snapshot" is set to. Move your camera to where you want and press the button that it said in options... On your computer, go to my pictures/rct3 and you will find the picture that you took. Open it in windows paint and save it as a jpg of jpeg picture, then you can upload it on here.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much that helped me entirely and that saves me from spending on upgrading my software and now the anoying leters will not be there on any more uploads