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Bridgeport Amusments & Co. is an amusement park featured in the RCT3 Custom Scenario "Broken Down" by nerdygeekrct.
As Bridgeport, Connecticut is leaving its past profile behind and starting to open up to tourism, it was decided by the city government that an amusement park will be funded. So, they gave a grant to Bridgeport Amusements Inc., who were ordered to open a park with their company name near Bridgeport.
The park opened with the Ferris Wheel, the Zipper, and the wooden coaster "Wood". Though it isn't the first wooden coaster with a vertical loop (Son of Beast was), it was the only one existing today, as Son of Beast's loop was deemed dangerous for a wooden coaster. Under the direction of Albert Welts, a native of the Netherlands who serves as the park's director, and Joseph Wardley, who served as the rides designer, the park introduced the people of Bridgeport to new and exciting amusement experiences without the citizens having to take a plane ticket to New Jersey for Six Flags.
In the 12th year of the parks operation, Albert Welts retired due to old age, and Mario Wardley, Joseph's brother, stepped in. Together they built new and exciting rides, and Mario had the fantastic idea of contacting Arrow to make a corkscrew coaster better than "Corkscrew" in Cedar Point. Joseph himself designed it, and the result was "Forest Twister," possibly one of the best compact coasters ever made.
When the park celebrated its 15th anniversary, a car track was revealed. Here guests can drive a replica of the Jaguar D-Type, a Le Mans-winning car, around a simple oval track with elevation changes.
In the 25th year of operation, Joseph Wardley was called in to serve full-time duty for designing coasters at Intamin, and Mario Wardley decided to build an Intamin coaster, with the design refined by Joseph. The result -- an untitled reverse freefall roller coaster, simply titled "Reverse Freefall Roller Coaster."
By the 30th anniversary, Mario had to retire due to his age. Assistant manager, Guido Guicci, stepped in. His over-interest in scenery and advertising as well as building new coasters without watching profit ate up all the treasury. One by one, the more expensive coasters were sold to get the money back, then the extra scenery and fountains were sold, and then the financial problem was so deep, after taking a loan they had to fire some staff to save on wage money.
What happened next was that there were no janitors to clean up the vomit from getting on high nausea rides, no mechanics to fix those rides after they break down due to an electrical failure leaving riders stuck in coasters for months (inexperienced food waiters had to follow instructions in manuals while fixing the coaster wires), and no police to stop graffiti from appearing. As litter and vomit accumulated, more guests got stuck on rides never repaired, and a very bad refund policy initiated by Guido Guicci to make a profit, attendance lowered from 1,526 all the way down.
To make matters worse, Guido was sued by a commerce board for negligence of customers, and then the board of directors for wasting all the money and putting the company in financial trouble. All of a sudden, one of them called on you to fix the park for them and become the new manager as Guido is ousted. And here is where you pick up in the scenario -- what happens beyond this point is up to you.
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"Your scenario represents the first time my staff have run around commenting that they're sick of the work and they hate their jobs. I've never before seen entertainers throw themselves on the ground in distress and that's the first time I've seen staff that are sick. And the litter and vomits! How many deep did you manage to get the messes piled up there? I know it takes two strokes to clear a litter or a vomit but the janitors were standing there stroking and stroking -- they looked like they were plying their trade against the tide. With all this going on I got the mechanics to fix the rides promptly, added some stalls and security guards, benches and lights but the guests kept leaving and the park rating remained stoically unmoved and unimpressed displaying the lowest rating I've ever seen in RCT3. Attendance got down to about 60 before I started seeing some smiles on the guests but I highly suspect they were the new arrivals who hadn't yet caught on to the park's management style. At about the time I decided I might not be up to sci-fi theming I started construction on the pool" - FlightToAtlantis, RCTgo Forums

"Very good scenario. Just beat it today. The whole story line of the park is really well done" - sixflagsgr8, RCTgo Forums

"Holy... nice presentation" - alexwohlbruck, RCTgo Forums

"Simply amazing, well presented" - RCTgoMatthew, RCTgo

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Date Uploaded Apr 22, 2013
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Simply amazing, well presented.


@RCTgoMatthew Thank you!

BTW, if you downloaded and are playing it how is it? Would like some feedback to shape my next scenario :)

SarahAndrea Royce

The balancing did not work out well: Pretty much all got stuck on one task (the coaster with the 10 turns) while I had everything else nailed long ago with the exception of Bushtons visit (but was prepared for that too with a nice Sci Fi corner and the pool). So I had a long time going nothing and than flying through all levels nearly at once.

The uncleanness is not a problem at all, as there are enough initial funds to simply delete and recreate all the paths.


@SarahAndrea Royce: It's meant to be a challenge, I suggest you use a Wild Mouse coaster, they have really tight turns. Don't make any tight turns after big drops though, it will make a spike in g-forces that will raise your intensity rating.


It really felt like I was reading a book or the news or something...