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This a massive Egypt Pyramid that takes up 22x22 spaces. RCT3 Wild expansion pack needed. There's room underneath to build rides, or just leave it. The pics I show have rides under it. The walkways divide underneath into 4 sections. You can easily build 8 rides (Thrill, Gentle...those kinds of rides)2 in each section. I added some gardens between the pathways.

Put the file under the following folder
My Documents (or just Documents) - RCT3 - Structures

Needed: Wild Expansion Pack of RCT3


See my RCT3 Youtube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_qRmLwiLbjzYo2oPR7gVAg

p.s. I didn't build the pyramid. But I didn't build the columns it sits on. I can't remember if I changed it or not. Don't remember which park I downloaded it from so I don't take credit for the whole build.)


Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Sep 12, 2015
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