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My second ever Build-It entry: Bumble Bee! This is a looping roller coaster using Spice's Bullet Train CTR and is set in the middle of a forest.

POV Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvPvnUhYMpQ

In game stats:
Excitement Rating: 7.61 (High)
Intensity Rating: 4.43 (Med)
Nausea Rating: 3.14 (Med)
Max. Speed: 48.68 MPH
Average Speed: 22.56 MPH
Ride Time: 1:08
Ride Length: 2263.76 ft.
Max. + vertical G's: 3.84 G
Max. - vertical G's: -1.39 G
Max. lateral G's: 1.04 G
0:11 Seconds of 'Air Time'
11 Drops
Highest Drop: 84.67 ft.
5 Inversions

I don't have a list of CS currently, when I make one I will add it to the description on my YouTube video.

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 7.61 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 15, 2015