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So my sister thought of getting onto my Bumbly Beach that sort of reluctantly about it but it turned out very great as expected!

For a great big change a Intamin Giga Coaster has over taken the whole seaside front beach park as the Accelerator of that's a good name for it or so!

The stats are very high on the ride which guests will ride anyways, but there are red numbers letters in it which makes this a very intense giga coaster compared to Airstrike Arrow Hyper Coaster (big one blackpool inspired)

Also this idea came from a Louis New Element Park Southport Pleasure Beach where there's an unfinished intamin hyper coaster that I liked back then!

Well sadly Airstrike est 1995 is no longer the tallest fastest longest hyper coaster on seaside anymore now pinned by the Intamin Giga Verrroooooommmm Accelerator!

Enjoy the now largest thrilling seaside park!

Section Parks
File Size 1.2 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 20, 2024