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A small Junior coaster that fits if all of your coasters are too the extreme. Although small, it's a dueling coaster, that runs generally the same path and the exact same time. A very popular ride, expect to be flooded when you put in your park! Should be able to run without Soaked! or Wild!

Excitment: 4.72 (Medium)

Intensity: 4.19 (Medium)

Nausea: 2.63 (Medium)

Section Tracks
Type Junior RC
File Size 54.22 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 21, 2007
Liked by SamDogy


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I found it a bit slow. I increased the chain lift to 10.57 mph, the block brakes to 29.08 mph, and changed it to 2 circuits, instead of 1. With 1, it ends too quickly.