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Busch Gardens Tampa

Opened in 1959, Busch Gardens Tampa features 10 roller coasters and a wide variety of animal exhibits throughout the park.

The park is split into 9 areas all themed around Africa such as Egypt, The Congo, and Jungle themed.

The park features several highly ranked coasters such as Sheikra (the first dive coaster in North America), Cheetah Hunt (high speed terrain coaster), and new for 2022 Iron Gwazi (replace dueling wood coaster Gwazi).

All custom items are located provided below.

Section Parks
File Size 1.26 MB
Date Uploaded May 9, 2022




Downloaded the park...ran it through ParkCleanUp Have the error message;
OVL not found:style\themed\rct3demosstation set\Style
Looking my RCT3 Style\Theme file I have : Rct3 DemosStation Set v2 Recolorable. I am guessing that the file I am missing is v1? You don't mention that in your list of what is needed to be downloaded...Do you have any idea where I can find this file? I used Google. com and don''t get any links to the site the file is on to download it. Thanks for any info on where to look....


It's was the Ardy's station platforms item. Rct3Demos' Station Set. The link was correct. I'll rename it. Also forgot to add Patrick's Little Chairswing.


I have Patrick's Little Chair Swing so I guess that's why they didn't show Thank you for letting me know about Ardy's station platforms.. I do have that in my Style\Theme folder already...I guess if you called it by that name in the game that's why I got the error since it is listed in my game files a Ardy's Wooden Stations but the set that I have doesn't have the platform in it...It has a file called "Custom Scenery Set" and within that is Ardy's Base, Ardy's Beam, and Ardy's Roof. There is no platform listed in the file. EDIT I found the file and installed it in the game but unfortunately I still can't open the park file the game shuts down....I believe it's my computer.. the file is too large....happens all the time when parks are uploaded with peeps in the park instead of empty park...


I will say this incase you check the comments because its a new post. Six Flags Over Georgia has no .dat file in the download. Please help or fix it


@Warcat, if you run Park Clean Up 2.1.1, there is an option to remove all the guests. However, this park was uploaded with 0 guests in it.


I don't have that version of Park Cleanup....It very well could be my computer also that is stopping me from opening the park...Never had problems before but now I can't open even some of my own parks I made several years ago....I'll look for the link to get that version of Park Cleanup Thanks nathan8848.. EDIT Where did you find that version? Only thing I can find is version 2.1.0 it doesn't have the Beta version for 2.1.1


How do I access the links? I can't find anything in the Google Docs I can click on to download what I need. And when I tried going to custom scenery depot I was redirected to a site that said I was the "5,000th" visitor and to claim my prize...