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Not Roman Village

Objective: 1,400 guests by the end of year 3.


Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jun 7, 2020




This probably makes me sound stupid, but how do you get to build rides and coasters on your own scenarios? Do you have to start a scenario, then play it for a bit to build rides, then convert it back to a scenario? I tried doing that but when I converted it back, I had used some of the money that I made available in the scenario. Any tips would be appreciated :)


Not stupid at all! When you make a scenario in the scenario editor, save it as a scenario. Then play the scenario, build rides as you would like the "real" scenario to have, save it (ex. Roman Cathedral - 1A) and go into the "Convert save game to scenario" option and voila! You can now save your scenario WITH rides as a scenario. Hope this helps!
It works for both OpenRCT2 and RCT2.


There’s nothing to research, and no rides to build. It’s a great looking scenario, but no way to win as it stands now.


There must be a problem with your game then - mine shows everything available. What version of the game are you using?