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Excitement: 8.73 (Very High)
Intensity: 8.27 (Very High)
Nausea: 6.53 (High)

Max. Speed: 101.06 mph
Ride Time: 1:14
Length: 5303.39 ft
Total Airtime: 0:21
Drops: 11
Inversions: 2

If you think mining is boring, think again! Nobody accepts the fact that some mines have valuable gems in them and beautiful rock formations. But what we're REALLY here for is the exciting part; blasting away the rocks! You'll be using a powerful explosive called C4 to blast away those rocks. But be warned, blasting is not all fun and games. Put you're explosives in the wrong spot, and disaster will strike! One place you will NEVER put you're explosives near is that oil derrick over there! Be careful, but also have fun!

Section Tracks
Type Stormrunner
File Size 77.89 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 7, 2010




nice, don't think I'd ride it........


Wow, nice


to unrealistic

RomanGallo :3

i agree rollercoastermatt


how can I put pictures in my downloads