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Excitement 9.18
Intensity 8.31
Nausea 5.38

My first track upload involving scenery. I hope it's appealing...

What initially began as a fairly compact track with one station eventually became a dueling station coaster. The size is also pretty good for a dueling coaster, utilizing an exact 15 x 10 blocks of land space.

Despite my somewhat terrible decorative skills, I was quite pleased with the scenery, even though I may have went a bit overboard, but nonetheless the overall statistics was what really surprised me.

The track is pricey (I think it's close to 30,000) because of the scenery spamming (xD) but this can be an amazing addition for developed parks! Hopefully someone can have fun with it!

Detailed stats are in the screenshot. Classical/Roman themed scenery were used. I hope you enjoy! :)

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 8.43 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 29, 2015




One of the best dueling coasters I have ever seen. Especially in RCT2! Great job! Compact yet amazing!

You could have entered this in the Build-It Competition. This ride had great potential. :)


Thanks! Maybe if there is another one, I may enter it? I really appreciate the feedback! :)


wow, this is amazing, i got shocked when i saw it! why dont enter the build competition? you can win in the next one :D


Thanks, and I appreciate the sentiment! :)


looks really awesome but I have to mention that this ride crashed after keeping it going for a couple of years :/


Yes, you are right about that because the same has happened to me as well. I'm not even sure how it's even causing it to crash in the first place... I don't think there is a fix to this other than to replace the ride...


This is very VERY good for a looping coaster, NEVER have I seen the rating score so high up on this type of coaster! 9.18 excitement on a looping coaster is a job well done mate! Great job!


Thanks! You could imagine how surprised I was as well. :)


Really nice job


Thanks! :)


I had this one in my park. After 7 years: "Caesars Palace has crashed" - "24 people died" It is too bad. Luckily I could recover to a save before the crash and in year 9 no crash has occurred.. really strange