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A Park Entrance incorporating Entry Pay Booths, Park Offices, a Verandah Restaurant and a Function Room.

Uploaded as a Structure so most of the external scenery will not be included.

To instal place the .dat and the .bak files from the 'Cafe Entrance' folder into Documents/RCT/Structures...

I have included the BMP files for the Billboards above the entrances.
Put these into your My Pictures folder you usually use for billboard pics.

All CS used is listed in the 'Please Read Me' file in the download.

If I have missed anything I apologise.

My Thanks to all the above for these Excellent Sets!

All the above CS is available to download at the following link:


Section Structures
File Size 107.48 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 17, 2014




Pretty detailed. Great work!


Thanks! We try,lol


That's very impressive. Nice job.


nice and lovely done :)

Lg Cheleste


Your structure doesn’t have enough detail and it’s too small. I found it verrrrry boooooring!!!!


Hey Everyone, I am a newbie to this, I have just downloaded and unpacked all these files, and have added them to structures file, but when I try to put up the building nothing happens.

Huggy Bear

Love the detail. Looks great!


Just out of wondering, how many hours did it take you to make this? It looks so real.


To answer aecrouch7413, I have no idea how long it took, I usually just keep plugging away at it, adding things, taking things out and generally changing it until I'm reasonably happy. Then I'll change it some more or find some CS I'd forgotten about and try that, and so it goes on.

P.S. Many Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this. It is my first upload to reach 1000 downloads.


What did you use for the floors? I thought I downloaded all the required scenery, but they're missing, need to find out which one it was I missed so I can try to hunt it down.


YYAAAAYYYY!! 2000+ downloads in 6 months Thanks everybody!