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My 5th Scenario sorry for the delay. Please enjoy this park the goal is 2300 by year 5
it has 2 coasters. Have fun!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Nov 7, 2018
Liked by Little Panda, NancyM




Which version did you use to make this scenario? I'm having trouble with it, but also with some other parks. Gonna go ask in the forum...


NancyM what is your problem? Or have you figured it out?


No i havent. I posted in the forum about it. Not the first park I've loaded like this. Mackenzie's World is another. Everyone is stumped so far. There are no rides or scenery or shops, just grey boxes. Nothing to research. Probably a buggy in RctC. I'll keep trying. 💙🎪


Oasis Valley did the same thing to me. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem or just me and my rctc tablet 😃