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Not a Disney park! My creation which is definitely not finished, nor close to finished. Will try to keep updating on a normal basis. Some ride names were chosen out of real rides which have nothing to do with this park.

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Date Uploaded Aug 29, 2014




I am not very familiar with RCT2 but I think the layout is good. I also like the design of the wooden coaster and station. Nice job.


Actually not that bad, but it's to much old NCSO-skill in it.
With CSO's you've got alot of different ways to build intersting buildings/stations and bring alot of variety into it.
Currently it looks all over to blocky and basic, especially for an CSO park.
On NE-Design the ratings for the screens would be between 5%-25%, infact of that what other designers can create.
If this is your first attempt with CSO's in RCT2, than its okay. Because no one starts as an pro ;)

I think there is alot of potenital in it, and it isn't finish, so you can change/rework some parts without ruining the whole park or the atmosphere you want to have.

Suggestion from me would be:
- spend some time on NE-Design and look at some of the top-rated screens there
So you can see what's possible infact of architecture and how it could be.

Anyway, not bad, but far away from being grand.
But keeping up your work. Rome wasn't be build in only one day xD

Lg Cheleste


Thanks you guys!

Great advice and I love it, got me something constructive.

Since my upload, I have now started construction on a big project inside my park. Two rides and a shop have gone down right by the entrance. It will all be part of a re-theming project I have in mind. I have uploaded a screenshot with a sneak peak of what going on. Check it out and give any feedback...