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Camden Park is a twenty-six acre amusement park located near Huntington, West Virginia. Established in 1902 as a picnic spot by the Camden Interstate Railway Company, where riders traveling between Huntington and nearby cities would stop to change lines, the park soon gained a carousel and other roadside attractions. Camden Park is West Virginia's only amusement park. As of 2013, the park is home to more than thirty rides and attractions, including a full-size traditional wooden roller coaster, the Big Dipper," and several other vintage rides.

You just bought the park and your goal is to make your park rival the big parks.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Oct 2, 2015
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I tried to make it close to the real park. Obviously there are rides there that don't match up to what is available in the Game.

Regretfully I did use a very few custom billboards and I didn't realize they didn't save with the Scenario.

I also made the objectives kinda hard in order for the game to last a while.


I'm enjoying your park - just passed Apprentice level. In looking ahead at Tycoon level, I can't see the whole box of what Major Smythe is going to want. Can you help?


Anyone know what Major Smythe wants? I can't read it.


It's a Firework that he wants to see.