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This is the completed 2019 version of Canada's Wonderland on RCT3 Platinum.

It took me a while to complete, and can be quite laggy around the center of the park (near Wonder Mountain). It may occasionally crash, which happened to me a few times during construction, so be aware.

There are some issues with some rides due to spacing and sizing, so not everything is 100% accurate.

Splash Works watersides are not all accurate either, and some are in different places, but are still functional.

I only used the Windseeker CFR, all other flat rides are included in game.

Anyways, here is a list of stuff you need to download for this park:

ATH Catwalk and Accessories Set
Gadget Coaster Goodies
Moby's Steel Jungle V1 and V2
pteri Tunnel Pack
Jcat's Pumper-SteelWorx
Ralfveih's Fountains
ShyGuy Rock Set
SK complete set (all 4 packs)

2nd Generation B&M Hyper
OldSpice's Dive Coaster Pack
Cinipaes Vekoma SLC CT


And thats it. Make sure you install correctly (especially Windseeker) or it may crash your game. If i'm missing anything just email me at [email protected]

Again, thanks for downloading and expect more in the future!


Section Parks
File Size 4.85 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 16, 2019


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Hi! Amazing job, I really like it.. very imposing.. and highly impressive design. Wow!
I have 2 questions:
1) I have none of the expansions/tools you listed (CS, CTR, CFR..), and frankly I don't know them at all. (I'm an amateur...). Yet, I managed to launch the file and access the park. No crashes. It all looks ok to me. But.. Maybe I'm not seeing some stuff ? Like, some rides/buildings are not visible to me, as I don't have the CS, CTR, etc. .. ?
2) I couldn't find the park entrance. It's really missing, apparently. Is this also related to the point 1) ? ...or am I not seeing it ? Bizarre!
Congrats again.