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Located in Vaughan, Ontario in Canada, the park opened in 1981. It was Canada's first major theme park. It is split into 8 areas and includes Splash Works, which opened in 1981.

Paramount bought the park in 1993 and had it until it was sold in 2006. During that time, the parks rides were based on movies produced during that time such as Tomb Raider, Top Gun, and Italian Job. The kids areas were themed to Hanna Barbera, Nickelodeon, and Scooby-Doo,

Cedar Fair took over and removed the licensed rides, and the kids area was re-themed to Kidzville and Peanuts themed. Cedar Fair has added Behemoth and Leviathan. The park also features unique flat rides not featured in other parks owned by Cedar Fair.

Yukon Striker is included, but no shops or theming that the park will build for 2019 in that area. The park takes about 3 minutes to load, but I'm in year 2, with 2,000 guests. The custom items are in the readme.

No custom supports for Vortex, Guardian and Fly. Due to the lag in the park, I had to remove some custom rides. They are Soaring Timbers, Lumberjack, and Flying Canoes. They are still in the game, but in game version. If you want the CFR versions, they are CFH Ride's Mixer Reco, Kamikaze, and Steel Rides' Saltamontes.

The show areas near Wonder Mountain and by Time Wrap weren't added, as well as the catering area behind Dragon Fire.

Designs on Fly, Leviathan, and Minebuster. Water Canyon is tight.

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YAS! IT'S HERE! Now if you haven't already, plz delete the old one.


Where would I download the file for tracks\trackedrides\ctr_slc_ingame_track\ctr_slc_ingame_track?