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This is my new coasters Canyon Blast Racers, these dueling GCI racers deliver many good airtime hills, head choppers, and tight turns. Hope you all enjoy this track and I put MUCH work into the supports for both of these rides. And again hope you all enjoy - DorneyPark5

Scenery: Maylene's Millenium Flyers
Big Burger's Timber (Thinner and Thicker)
Big Burger's Footers
Canyon Craze By
Shyguys Catfish Cove and Village Set 3
Dasmatze's Fences & Railings
Jacky X Wooden Coaster Stuff
Coinin's Station Gates
Spice's Evergreens

Stats -

Orange Side:
Excitement Rating - 17.52 (Ultra Extreme)
Intensity Rating - 4.13 (Medium)
Nausea Rating - 2.62 (Medium)

Red Side:
Excitement Rating - 17.38 (Ultra Extreme)
Intensity Rating - 4.05 (Medium)
Nausea Rating - 2.54 (Low)

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Coaster
File Size 3 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 8, 2013




Your 'Canyon Blast Racers' looks absolutely fascinating!

Is there any Wooden Coaster stuff downloadable for RCT3 without the expansion packs?


well there is big burger's timber and and Jacky X Wooden Coaster Stuff if thats what your looking for.


Thanks! I already searched for downloads of JackyX stuff but I have not found this one... I will try it now with the big burger's.


I am very impressed. I can get about halfway through custom supporting a woodie and then I give up. Neat layout, I really like all the airtime.

rccoa coasters

This is awesome! where did you get the cliff walls?


Thanks guys! really appreciate it, and I got the canyon walls from weber - http://velvetskyemusic.com/RCT3_files/rct3_land.old/Rct3_Land_a.html


This must have taken you a long time to do. I like wooden coasters and it looks like you replaced the original supports. That to me is talent enough. Like everything about this rc. Nice job.