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Hello! Today during a super bowl event on tv along together, my sister and I thought of doing something different in the park, building a transportation coaster like in nevermore park which took quite a whole day to get stats all good, nothing much to it just detailed scenery all around built a few more transporting rides along with a openrct2 cheat launch wooden coaster which turned out very great! Similar to Ferrari World Dubai Formula Rossa but with three station and different ride lengths with different unique experiences with scenic views all around! As we ended up buying the whole land cause in this map weird that guests stop walking in some construction rights area above high don't know why, as we didn't want to fill up the whole land cause of the rock scenery to keep it all most the same! Certainly Happy how are Canyon Calamities is!

Canyon Calamities a one of a kind grand canyon theme park with all sorts of attractions enjoy!

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Date Uploaded Feb 11, 2024