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Come enter Scraggly Beard's Castle and ride The Caribbean Adventure! This Compact Inverted Coaster is entirely inside the castle....well sort of.
The coaster is launched out of the station, up a lift hill and around a banked curve to meet the second lift hill where a chain assists in the over 100 ft. climb. Next comes the spiral drop that crashes through the side of the castle wall and makes a half loop into a twist and crashes back through the wall, back into the castle where riders meet another spiral drop into a helix as the voodoo priests work up some magic. Riders are safely returned to the station where they cheer and then get back on! Yay!


E: 6.05
I: 6.54
N: 4.99

Have Fun!

Section Tracks
Type Compact Inverted Coaster
File Size 100.32 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 30, 2011


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very good